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Dragons Evolution-Merge Dinos com.octopusgames.dragonsevolution MOD APK (Online/Offline) Free Download With New Version

Download Most Recent version of Dragons Evolution-Merge Dinos MOD APK (Online/Offline) Simulation ( com.octopusgames.dragonsevolution ) Android Game/App, You can download the latest version of Dragons Evolution-Merge Dinos Simulation ( com.octopusgames.dragonsevolution ) Android Game/App, APK and MOD files are available with new version from below download links.

Dragons Evolution-Merge Dinos MOD APK OnlineOffline Download

  • Game/App :- Dragons Evolution-Merge Dinos
  • Version :- Most Recent
  • PlayStore ID:- com.octopusgames.dragonsevolution
  • Game/App Requirements :- 
  • Users:- 7566+
  • Rating:-
  • Game/App Category :- Simulation
  • Installed:- 1,000,000+

Screen Shot of Dragons Evolution-Merge Dinos MOD APK (Online/Offline) Simulation com.octopusgames.dragonsevolution Game/App

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Dragons Evolution-Merge Dinos MOD APK (Online/Offline) Simulation com.octopusgames.dragonsevolution Game/App Description:- Merge Dragons🐉+🐉=🐲 ➡️ Get Rich 💸 ➡️ Buy more Dragons 🐉 ➡️ Discover strange Monsters 👻 AND THEN MERGE THEM TOO 👀 to see what’s next and reveal the secret 🤫🤐

Merge Dragons🐉, Merge Monsters👻, Merge Little Dragonlings🦎, Merge Everything🤑, upgrade the wings💨 collect the money they bring to you even while you’re Idle ⌚️ out of the game.

Compete 🥉 against other players by merging more 🥈 earning more 🥇 and Win 🏆 the weekly tournament!

50 different Dragons 🐉 to Merge and discover.
50 different Monsters 👻 to Merge and discover.
20 different Little Dragonlings 🦎 to Merge and discover.
Or maybe there is even a secret one… 🤐
Multiple upgrades ⬆️ for the wings, fly path, islands and money your creatures bring to you🤑.

Discover all the creatures 🤓 merge everything you see, get something better, merge what you received – and so on! Go take a break😴, be idle for a few hours ⌚️ – THEY ARE STILL MAKING YOU MONEY 😲😲😲 Get in, merge some more, continue! Never stop 🤑

Catch that alien looking flying thing👾! Is it a dragon 🐉…or an alien👽?.. we are not sure, BUT YOU MUST CATCH THAT THING! 👻🦄🙏🏼 it has the goodies! 💎💎💎
Can you merge them too? 🤔

Do the daily quests 😊 and not so daily quests! 😅 Do all of them! 💪

✔️ Discover over 120 fantastic beings🥰, combine and interact in 100 challenges!
✔️ Upgrade your creatures and islands
✔️ Discover all kinds of Dragons 🐉, Monsters 👻 and Little Dragonlings 🦎
✔️ CATCH THAT THING 👾! or the 🦄! or 👻… 🤔🤔🤔whatever that thing is 😹 and get prizes
✔️ Take part in a tournament🏆 against people around the world and get weekly rewards. 💎💎💎
✔️ Combine creatures that will earn you gold💰💰💰 and treasures💎💎💎.

Download the game now 📲 and start CATCHING THAT THING 👾 and merging DRAGONS 🐉+🐉=🐲 and MONSTERS 👻+👻=😱 and Little Dragonlings 🦎+🦎=😊

The game is optimized for tablets and phones.
Merge, collect, build.

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Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/374507656688452/
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Terms of service: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H8UcwnZkJ2wbXO4atUr5h-hvWh1acKhBLcTzRdStFm4
Shop interface bug that prevented some users on tablets close the window fixed.

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