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IDOLY PRIDE – アイドル・マネジメントRPG game.qualiarts.idolypride MOD APK (Online/Offline) Free Download With New Version

Download Most Recent version of IDOLY PRIDE – アイドル・マネジメントRPG Role Playing ( game.qualiarts.idolypride ) Android Game, You can download the latest version of IDOLY PRIDE – アイドル・マネジメントRPG Role Playing ( game.qualiarts.idolypride ) Android Game, APK and MOD files are available with new version from below download links.

IDOLY PRIDE – RPG MOD APK OnlineOffline Download

  • Game :- IDOLY PRIDE – アイドル・マネジメントRPG
  • Version :- Most Recent
  • PlayStore ID:- game.qualiarts.idolypride
  • Game Requirements :- 
  • Users:- 5491+
  • Rating:-
  • Game Category :- Role Playing
  • Installed:- 100,000+

Screen Shot of IDOLY PRIDE – アイドル・マネジメントRPG Role Playing game.qualiarts.idolypride Game

IDOLY PRIDE - アイドル・マネジメントRPG  screenshots 1

IDOLY PRIDE – アイドル・マネジメントRPG Role Playing game.qualiarts.idolypride Game Description:- アイドル・マネジメントRPG『IDOLY PRIDE (アイドリープライド・アイプラ)』





■『IDOLY PRIDE』はこんな人におすすめ
・TVアニメ『IDOLY PRIDE(アイドリープライド・アイプラ)』に興味がある



『IDOLY PRIDE アイドリープライド』

Idol management RPG “IDOLY PRIDE”
Become an idol manager and make your idol event a success! Let’s support busy idol activities such as handshake events, TV appearances, live performances, etc. as the closest existence, deepen ties, and lead idols to top idols!

■ “Telephone” and “Talk” to deepen the bond with idols
Whether you’re playing or not, you’ll receive messages from idols to discuss your concerns and work!
Sometimes uneasy girls can talk over the phone! ??
Let’s consult as the closest idol and deepen the bond!

■ “3D live” that becomes gorgeous as the idol grows
The beginning is a small live house. The audience will increase as the idols grow, and the venue will be gorgeous!
Don’t miss the idol’s “expression of sweat” and the 3D live part that is particular about camera work!
Let’s increase the number of fans and aim for an overcrowded live!

■ Let’s increase fans by “work” of idols
There are many “work” other than live performances for idols such as handshake events, autograph sessions, instax events, and handbill distribution.
Your management supports “work” that automatically progresses over time!
Let’s increase the fans of idols and lead to live success!

■ Let’s take a “photo” of only one idol in the world
You can make the moment when idols are doing their best, such as live concerts and work, into one “photo” in your own world with your favorite costumes and places!
Let’s organize the “photos” of your favorite idols you shot into units and aim for the best live performance!

■ “IDOLY PRIDE” is recommended for such people
・ I like games that nurture beautiful girls and idols
・ I want to train single-minded idols to become top idols
・ I want to enjoy the story behind the idols who are working hard
・ I want to be the closest person to support idols
・ I’m looking for a beautiful girl game with cute characters
・ I’m looking for a beautiful girl game that I can play even when I don’t have time like an incremental game.
・ I want to play steadily every day with simple operations and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.
・ I want to experience the sense of accomplishment that grows with idols
・ I like watching idol concerts
・ I want to see a gorgeous live performance of a cute idol and liven up together
・ I’m interested in the TV anime “IDOLY PRIDE”

■ Compatible terminals
Android 7.0 or higher device
Terminal with 2GB or more of memory (RAM)

■ Recommended terminal
Android 9.0 and above
* It is recommended to update to the latest version and play.

Official site:
Official Twitter: @idolypride

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