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  • Game/App :- – MMORPG
  • Version :- Most Recent
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  • Users:- +
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  • Game/App Category :- Role Playing
  • Installed:- 100,000+

Screen Shot of – MMORPG MOD APK (Online/Offline) Role Playing Game/App - MMORPG screenshots 1 – MMORPG MOD APK (Online/Offline) Role Playing Game/App Description:- is a new free-to-play real-time browser based MMORPG with many common features of the MMO and multiplayer genre:
a persistent and diverse 2d pixel fantasy world, hundreds of quests and cool items, dungeons, crafting, server rankings and much more to come.
In addition, all it takes to embark on this online RPG adventure is a device with a modern internet browser installed.
Play on PC (Windows, mac OS or Linux), a tablet or mobile device (Android or iOS).

What originally started as a small and fun hobby project and exercise in HTML5 coding has slowly evolved into a popular full blown F2P retro MMORPG experience.
The player can embark on numerous adventures and fight a variety of different enemies and monsters.
They are able to learn various professions like mining, herbalism or tailoring in order to craft epic pieces of equipment and consumables.
They can trade with each other, chat or unite in a group of up to five people to face the numerous threats of the dungeons & wave dungeons together. offers a wide range of different types of items, so players can customize their character and classes to their liking.
There is no strict class system within the game; the items themselves dictate the play style.
That and much more awaits players within, while they’re on their epic quest to recover their lost family heirloom: the eponymous family beer stein.
In addition the 2D fantasy RPG is theoretically capable of running on any device or smartphone that can run a modern internet browser.

“Play anywhere, at any time, on anything.”
We reworked the existing classes and added Hunter, Warlock and Shaman as new classes. This allows us to introduce PvP to which you can already get a first taste of, by challenging other players to a duel!

* Added over 3000 new items
* 400 new profession recipes
* More random drops from regular enemies (now also in rare quality)
* Duel interaction on players, to challenge them to a fight
* Easter event with a lot of quests, new Easter spawners and collectibles

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